[14] The 15 Best Developer Resources in 2021 - Part I

Today I will continue my Top 15 series with a brief overview of the best developer resources that I use daily. It is worth saying that there are a lot of great resources that are left behind the brackets. Dev.to, Medium, Stack Overflow, GitHub, and many more obvious ones.

1). FreeCodeCamp

One of the most inspiring and beginner-friendly open-source developer communities. Alt Text freecodecamp.org/news

2). CSS Tricks

A website about websites. Daily articles about web development. Alt Text css-tricks.com

3). Google Fonts

An extremely complete collection of fonts. Alt Text fonts.google.com

4). Adobe Color

Create color palettes and browse thousands of color combinations. Alt Text color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel

5). Oh Shit, Git!?!

Will help you deal with the git even in the strangest situations. Alt Text ohshitgit.com

6). Git Cheatsheet

An interactive and easily read git cheatsheet Alt Text ndpsoftware.com/git-cheatsheet.html

7). Repl

A very simple, but powerful online IDE. Alt Text repl.it

8). DevDocs

Free documentation database for all kinds of developers. Alt Text devdocs.io

9). Uses.Tech

A list of developer setups, gear, software, and configs. Alt Text uses.tech

10). Web Skills

A visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer. Alt Text andreasbm.github.io/web-skills

11). Roadmap.sh

Frontend Developer Roadmap. Alt Text roadmap.sh/frontend

12). Explainshell

This is an online tool that visually explains each part of a shell command. Alt Text explainshell.com

13). Hacker News

A well-known IT news aggregator. Alt Text news.ycombinator.com

14). Hacker Noon

A technology publishing website that focuses on reporting the latest news related to software development, etc. Alt Text hackernoon.com

15). Smashing Magazine

An online magazine for designers and web developers. Alt Text smashingmagazine.com

Please feel free to complete the list by replying to this post. Which resources do you like best?

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